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We are people, talent and culture experts. Let's work together to protect your people and help them prosper.   


People ideas for prosperity, simplified.


What we do

Our mission is to enhance the safety and well-being of employees, empowering them to thrive.  In doing this we create a positive impact that cascades throughout your organisation and industry. 


We intentionally choose to work with organisations with large hearts and limited resources. We offer industry first ideas and services designed to meet real independent agency needs. 

The Human Kind offering encompasses training and application of psychological safety, mental health support, equity and fair treatment, flexibility, progressive recruitment practices, and growth opportunities.



Our Story

Founder of Human Kind Collective and mum, Virginia Scully is an awarded people and culture expert who has nearly 30 years of experience in the creative and media industry and a lifetime of lived experience. 

Virginia is a passionate advocate for gender equity and empowering women as well as a mentally healthy change expert and a mental health first aid instructor. Both of these issues are connected and need work! 

Human Kind Collective is designed to bring together some of the most brightest and kindest minds of our time. To offer extraordinary ideas simplified and to have a positive social impact through the media and creative industry community.

Human Kind gives back time in volunteering and mentoring to incredible organisations like Fitted for work and Assisterhood and is dedicated to all the people loved and lost - often too young and too soon. 

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The future of work is now and its of the Human Kind.


 Industry know how

With decades of experience in and around the media & communications industry weve seen a lot. We know 80% of our workforce is burnt out and disengaged. Change is constant and humans are our business. Simplifying the somewhat complex is our DNA. 

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The power of kindness

You have a unlimited often untapped resource that has a powerful, infectious (in a good way) and energising impact.  We know how to leverage it.

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Mentally Healthy workplaces are our jam

7 out of 10 employees state that their mental health has either stayed the same or declined in 2024. We are passionate about smashing the stigma and challenging the systems that  have a negative impact on mental health.  We have the qualifications to support action. 

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 Save time & Sleep easy

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The wisdom of the collective

No one has all of the skills needed to help humans thrive at work. We have built a community of  experts in their field who we lean on for security, velocity and extraordinary thinking.


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We have industry specific ready to use tools to measure safeguard and protect your people and your organisation on a budget.  Mitigate reputational, legal, financial and human risk by assessing your cultures  health. 

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Welcome to Human Kind Collective Services, where we transform the intangible into the actionable. We believe that culture is not just a concept but a powerful driver of results. 

Step 1.   Complete the cultural health check.

Step 2.  Book 15 mins to review your scores.

Step 3.  Choose from a range of practical solutions to improve your scores.

Step 4.  The basics are sorted - we are ready for more impact - book 30 mins

This assessment will uncover your agency's cultural strengths as well as areas that may benefit from improvement. Scores will point you in the right direction for positive change.

*Once purchased, the link will be emailed to you within 2 hours

Low cost high impact policy in the form of a custom- made handbook. The process includes coaching, engagement and empowerment of an employee or group to lead educate and train the organisation.

Pay transparency is essential for retaining talent and improving performance,  this service provides recommendations for your performance programme and progression planning to keep your people motivated.

This evidence based course empowers people to have life saving conversations with colleagues, friends and family.  It helps reduce the stigma through education and awareness.


There is no success without a motivated, inspired, committed, thriving and prospering team. Nowhere is this more true than in the tough creative communications industry- and in the hard yards of indie competitiveness. That’s where Virginia Scully brings unmatched experience, insights, instinct and super practical counsel to help teams stay well, energised and being the best they can be. Virginia will help turbo-charge the wellness of your agency through the wellness on all counts of your team. Please - take a closer look. You won't regret it!

Chris Savage - Founder The Savage Company


Get in touch

Visit our contact page below to lock in a meeting through Calendly or get in touch via email directly.

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